Jennings DePriest

Director, Digital Solutions


Jennings is a battle-tested digital marketing operative with nearly a decade of experience in public policy, political campaigns, and commercial digital marketing. Prior to joining Converge, Jennings served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Prolydian, a SaaS developer, and launched RallyWise, the first grassroots engagement app that was fully integrated with Florida’s legislative tracking system. Ad campaigns lead by Jennings have reached millions of people throughout the United States and have generated tens of thousands of grassroots actions on behalf of his clients.

Most recently, his work for the Florida Smoke Free Association helped obtain a veto from Governor DeSantis on SB 810 – saving nearly 1,000 small businesses across Florida. His experience as a military intelligence officer for the Florida Army National Guard continues to drive his passion for micro-targeting campaigns to maximize their efficacy.