Gerard O’Rourke

Advisor, Government Relations


Gerard O’Rourke represents clients in executive and legislative branch matters with an emphasis on a wide array of transportation-related matters. He most recently served as the State Freight, Logistics, and Passenger Operations Administrator for the Florida Department of Transportation. The office is responsible for coordination of freight, rail, transit, seaports, aviation, and spaceport programs and project development across the state of Florida. Supervising and managing an annual budget of $1 billion O’Rourke worked to build consensus among freight, trade, and logistics partners within the public and private sectors.

Gerard O’Rourke was with FDOT in legislative and executive capacities for over 14 years. Prior to joining FDOT O’Rourke served as legislative aid to two pro-business members of the Florida House of Representatives, as well as served as the southeast field director for an elected Florida gubernatorial candidate. He brings over a decade of public sector program and policy experience, with a track record of successful stakeholder collaboration. Gerard is an avid Florida State Seminole fan but falls back to his roots in professional sports supporting the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat. Gerard currently resides in Tallahassee Florida.