Juda Engelmayer

Co-Chair, Communications

Juda is regarded by peers and clients as one of the top crisis communications professionals in the world and as a forceful, thoughtful, and careful steward of his client reputations. He regularly manages public response to matters such as local, state and federal governmental investigations and prosecutions, natural disasters, corporate crises, product failures and reputational attacks. Juda is a master at developing and executing crisis strategy, navigating state, local and international media, and contending with the complex web of social media platforms that magnify crisis narratives. 

Early in his career, Juda served as the head of communications for a national nonprofit organization that works closely with the United States Congress and Israel’s Knesset. His success in that role led to his work for a decade at one of the top public relations firms in the United States, where Juda’s storytelling talent and steady hand resulted in his ascension to the role of Senior Vice President & Group Director overseeing corporate communications, crisis communications, and advocacy. Juda then went on to lead his own highly successful, New York City-based, boutique public relations firm for five years. When Juda chose to make his firm a part of Converge Public Strategies, he took the helm as Co-Chair of Converge’s communication division, where he oversees the team’s management of a wide array of high-stakes communications matters.