Michael Daley


Michael is a multifaceted professional with experience across various industries, including technology, transportation, housing, broadband, energy, and manufacturing. With over a decade of experience in his field, Michael has dedicated his career to advancing legislation in the United States. For more than ten years, he has been instrumental in driving transportation legislation in the country, working to foster communication and collaboration between government and private stakeholders to enhance the efficiency and innovation of American transportation services.

Michael’s expertise in bridging the gap between governmental and private interests has earned him a reputation as a key driver of progress in the transportation industry. He has made a significant impact, and his commitment to promoting positive change continues to make a difference.
In his previous role as the Director of Governmental Affairs for the US Department of Transportation, Michael served as the primary White House liaison between the Department and various local, county, tribal, and state governments across the country. Much of his work at USDOT involved coordinating federal grant programs with elected officials at municipal, county, regional, and state levels.

Michael collaborated with senior USDOT leadership to develop a strategic plan for implementing and overseeing grant programs, including the $500 million TIGER grant program, the $750 million annual FASTLANE program, and the one-time $30 million Smart Cities Challenge.

Beyond his work, Michael enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, playing golf, and exploring new restaurants. He is a proud supporter of the Chicago White Sox.