Technology & Innovation

“Converge, you are gaining a reputation for being a tech government affairs advising firm, not only in Florida…but companies are turning to you for advice around the country” – The Political Life Podcast

Our firm’s professionals have been at the forefront of policymaking for technology companies and emerging industries. Converge Public Strategies’ senior government relations professionals served on the front lines of the ridesharing industry’s challenge to entrenched taxi regimes and complex insurance negotiations in 43 states. We’ve crafted and passed autonomous vehicle legislation that’s put Florida at the forefront of the industry. We’ve crafted and passed some of the leading digital media tax incentives in the country. We’ve led groundbreaking telehealth legislation, and when a state industry association didn’t exist to advocate for telehealth policy—we created it. When Miami’s mayor organized a technology advisory committee in response to the city’s technology boom, a Converge partner was quickly appointed.

Put simply, we regularly operate at the intersection of innovation and policy.

Case Studies